Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Still alive!

... yes, this old blog has been quiet of late. 
I'm still alive... I just haven't actually finished anything worthy of posting about. 
Here's a few projects on the workbench though:
2 retro mid-century chairs. Aren't they just great? Just wait till you see the fantastic fabrics the client has chosen. The brief includes refurbishing the timber (making darker) as well as reupholstery.  This is the Before shot... they're well underway and I'm  just waiting on fabric delivery to finish off. The After shot should be up soon.
An antique Grandfather chair (I believe). In the same category as the Nursing chair posted about last month... i.e.: made either for  dwarves or with some low-seated purpose in mind I can't imagine. The standout feature of this chair is the wonderful show-wood (not shown well in this pic sorry).

The fabric the client has chosen for this is a Suzani (click for images) (embroidered textiles originating in Central Asia) which are currently in vogue. Modern textile manufacturers are also doing versions (of course!) - here's an example from Warwick Fabrics. Gust Gorgeous!

Finally, here's another set of felt cushions recently made for my great mid-century furniture dealer/client:

(Divan is for sale - let me know and I'll send you link to his site).