Monday, 17 June 2019


Isn't it amazing that here in the southern hemisphere we're officially halfway through winter (the Solstice is just a few days away, on Sunday 22nd June)?

BUT... the coldest months of the year (July & August) are still ahead of us.

Did you know that simple procedures like blocking drafts in our houses can significantly affect interior warmth, and also reduce heating bills? It's true!

And a great, inexpensive way to block drafts is with these Draft Dodgers.

These are made using quality remnant designer fabrics, and filled with clean builders' sand. They're such heavyweights they actually double-up as doorstoppers.

2 sizes available - 80cm for regular doors ($30each or $50 for 2) 
and 90cm for wider doors ($35each or $65 for 2).

(I'm also happy to custom make to your own particular requirements - please contact me for a quote).

A wide range of choices is available in the Jamberoo showroom now - not in the online shop (but I'll happily ship unfilled if you're happy to fill them yourself).

PS:   AND these make the ULTIMATE house-warming gift!!

Thursday, 9 May 2019


and apologies for such a long time between posts.
As I've mentioned before, I'm afraid I've succumbed to the lure of Social Media and have been actively posting all my latest news there - specifically INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK (links over there on right of this page).

For those of you who prefer to read this blog, then the latest news is the introduction of a new workshop format - probably the most requested thing in the history of Rapt - UPHOLSTERY CLUB.

This is an ongoing workshop where students bring their own project, and work individually in a small group (max 4) on Saturday afternoons.

The project must first be approved as suitable - ideally something small and achievable in a few hours (such as a dining chair seat , or footstool for instance) rather than a full-blown 4 seater lounge  (but hey, anything's possible once you've got the basics under your belt! ).

Some of the advantages in being an Upholstery Clubber include:

* access to a fully-professional workshop, including use of a range of tools and machinery out of the cost of most home workshops
* the hourly rate includes all the basic supplies, such as staples, foundation materials, glue, threads, etc.  More expensive supplies such as fabric, foam, Dacron are available to purchase at trade prices
* your project can either be something to start and finish in one workshop session, or for you bring back and forth, while continuing to work on it at home.  You could for instance bring 1 dining chair along, with the aim of finishing the set at home in your own workshop at your own pace
* seeing what other students are learning will increase your own general upholstery knowledge.

Details of UPHOLSTERY CLUB, as well as these other workshops, are in the online shop

Upholstery 1.01 - learn to upholster a small Scandi-style bench, with 2 buttons
Upholstery 1.02 - upholster a bigger 10-buttoned bench, with leg options
Lampshade 1.01 - learn the basics of shademaking by making a new drumshade
Lampshade 1.02 - learn how to makeover your own drum or empire shade
Private Lesson - BYO project of any size - just about any weekday time to suit.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018


Ever since starting this business one of the most frequent questions I've been asked is "will you ever teach upholstery?".
Well, I'm delighted to say that after years of saying "no" finally the answer to this has become "yes".
The first upholstery workshop has been listed in the web-shop - it's called UPHOLSTERY 1.O1 and is an introduction to the basics of upholstery. 

The class is 3 hours long uses a small bamboo stool with handy shelf as the subject for making an upholstered bench with optional buttons. 
Everything is supplied except fabric, which students can bring from home or purchase from Rapt.
This is a great, practical project where students will learn everything they need to know to get started in upholstery. Future workshops are planned which will teach more advanced skills, including a BYO project where students who have completed the introductory workshop will be able to work on their own item.
Tools and upholstery supplies will be available to purchase.

 Following the success of the first two lampshade workshops earlier this month these are now also going to be a regular feature on the Rapt calendar.
The Beginners' workshop teaches the basics of making a rolled-edge drum lampshade from scratch, while in the Advanced workshop students have the choice of remaking a shade they already own or learning how to make an Empire-shape (slope sided) shade.

All the workshops will run from 'Bottoms' End' - the Rapt home studio-workshop - which guarantees a highly personalised tuition, with maximum 4 participants per class.

Being a country-event, of course morning (or afternoon) tea with yummies is always included in each workshop!

Please head to the web-shop if you'd like more details about any of these, including upcoming dates.Don't hesitate to email me if you still have questions.


Thursday, 22 March 2018

Hello Strangers!

Apologies it's been so long since my last message.
I do a lot of posting on Instagram these days - I prefer it because I of the interaction I can have with my readers. Unfortunately this blog has been a little forgotten these days. (The link to my Instagram page is over there on the right →→ You don't have to sign up for an account just to have a look).

To compensate for missing posts, here are some pics of work I've done in recent months.

(The hats were a bit of experimental fun with upholstery fabric offcuts!)

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Holiday Closure

 Cheerio for now from Pipsqueak and me

After a very busy year we're taking some time off to smell the roses before the final push to Christmas.
The workshop and showroom will be closed from the 3rd - 20th November.
First showroom re-opening is Saturday 25th November.

Thursday, 20 July 2017


The DYE HAPPY workshop here in Jamberoo is gettting closer, and is filling fast - so if you're thinking of joining us, you'd better get your skates on.

UPDATE:  it's now sold out - but - there's a waiting list (in case of cancellations) so if you're keen, please let me know to go onto the list.

Deborah Clarke is coming all the way from Central Australia to teach her method of natural dyeing on silk using native vegetation.
I've just received a package of gorgeous 'samples' from Deborah, to serve as examples and inspiration for the workshop students. However, these are also for sale over in our online shop - and in the Jamberoo showroom. If you'd like to see more pics, and info including pricing, head over to the shop here.

See below for details of what to expect on the workshop...

In this exciting two-day workshop we will explore the basic techniques of Natural Dyeing*.  Each participant will create at least one beautiful pure silk scarf, coloured and patterned in collaboration with nature. In the process we will discover which plants and vegetables produce the best colour and how to fix them.
 We will employ a variety of Shibori*  techniques to create extraordinary patterns and texture. The unique piece you create will reflect the colours and textures of our landscape in your own way. You will be delighted and proud to wear it.

Deborah Clarke has been investigating and teaching natural dyeing for the past eight years. She runs Creative Camps in Central Australia where the natural dyeing process is a favourite activity.  People enjoy her engaging and informative teaching style. The information she provides inspires participants to continue the learning process on their own with confidence.

•Natural Dyeing or ‘Eco dyeing as it is sometimes called, uses plant and vegetable material as the fabric dye. Beautiful colours are best achieved on silk, wool and wool/silk mix.
•Shibori is a Japanese term referring to many different ways of creating pattern and texture on fabric, using the process of resist, by wrapping, tying, twisting, bundling or stitching the fabric.


The LookDrawPrint workshop here in Jamberoo a few weeks ago was a great success. Julie Paterson, of CLOTH fabric is a highly energetic, motivating teacher, and all 10 students produced fabulous work, despite (some of them) being extremely doubtful they could do this!
I'll be booking Julie up for another workshop here next year (2018) so if you're keen to take part please let me know and I'll put your name on the waiting list.

Here are some pics from the day: