Monday, 29 October 2012


Ever since seeing this image of the now-famous Proust Geometric armchair, I've been looking forward to playing with multi-coloured legs.  The time has now come, and the Wingchair currently on the workbench has already got her important bits done.  Here's a sneak-peak:

And here are the fabrics I'm using. The main one is a vintage Indian Kantha quilt, with the co-ordinating (eh? did I really use that word?) one is a heavy cotton also recently brought back to Oz from India by Bev, at Bev's Remnant Warehouse in Alexandria.

Watch this space!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pouffy makeover

Just finished the makeover of this sad old pouffy. 
The pictures tell the story.
The fabric chosen by the client is from cloth fabric, and is called Rough Rose. It's printed on a heavy-weight natural hemp.

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Miss Snupeson and I are packing up the truck and heading south to Canberra again this weekend for our 2nd stall at the excellent Old Bus Depot Market at Kingston.
For those of you who've not yet discovered the delights of the Canberra institution, this market is a special treat!  
  • Great atmosphere (live, fun music), 
  • only top-notch crafts (there's a serious application process potential stall-holders must pass),
  • fresh local produce and delicacies,
  • great food, and coffee, on the premises,
  • easy parking,
  • undercover (it's housed in the huge, historic old bus depot),
  • in an interesting area, adjacent to the galleries, old parliament house and next door to the fabulous Canberra Glass Works.
the latest Wingy

Rapt! feels very honoured to be part of all this, and to reward any of our blog followers who visit the stall this weekend, with a 10% discount off anything on the stall (other than wingchairs - sorry!).

Dates we'll be there prior to Christmas are:
  • this Sunday 14th October
  • Sunday 18th November
  • Saturday 8th December
  • Sunday 9th December

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Movie Premier

Here at Rapt! we take Quality Control very seriously.

We consider ourselves very fortunate, therefore, to have the services of one of the best QC professionals in the business on our team - Harriet Snupeson. Miss Snupeson has been honing her craft over many, many years, and this movie shows not just how high a level she has attained, but also the personal costs of this often gruelling work.

Note: no animals were harmed in the making of this movie.