Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Suite Dreams

This custom-made wing chair suite has just been delivered to its new home in the ACT.  The client chose the fabrics - a combination from Warwick Fabric's Anthropology collection - what a joy it is to find clients like these!
All the cushions are plain-backed in diff colours - so further mix-matching is possible by turning and swapping


Monday, 15 September 2014

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


It's been a while since we attended the excellent Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra … (having the showroom open on weekends makes market attendance harder), but we can't resist taking part in the annual RETRO DEPOT event on 12th October.  It's a celebration of all things "retro" and is also a great time to visit Canberra (springtime in the Capitol is just beautiful).
We're taking along a selection of our currently available Featherstone reproduction chairs  as well as lots more. 
Hope to see you there!

Monday, 8 September 2014


Here are some pics of the makeover of this set of lovely Aussie-made diners. The client chose a beautiful flannel-flower design fabric from Utopia Goods (*midnight refers to the colourway of the fabric) for the backs. 
The job included refurbishment from the wood up - fixing joints and refinishing as well as full new upholstery.  
Came up nicely, don't you think?


Sunday, 24 August 2014


This is Gypsy2 (her big sister was the original Gypsy).
She's a fully refurbished vintage bentwood rocker, with a hand stitched tapestry Gypsy girl on the back and a candy-striped light cotton canvas seat and outside back.
Very colourful; whimsical and witty (we hope!).
Currently on show in the Rapt showroom, as well as online shop (full details there).


Willow cam with a reversible scatter cush - check one-side...
The latest wingy (Willow) flew into the shop this morning straight into the arms of her new owners, who had seen the Facebook post about her the day before (and knew she was headed for the showroom).
The quickest sale ever!  

Although she's sold, as always, happy to make similar to order if you'd like one.
floral linen the other
the dominant fabric is a gorgeous linen floral print 'Lotus' flower

other fabrics are a co-ordinating mix of pure cotton blues and whites

Thursday, 14 August 2014


This little chair has been posted about before… after its spectacular transformation by a master French Polisher. The woodwork really is the standout feature, and especially so since the restoration has revealed the glowing timber colours previously hidden by layers of discoloured lacquer.

The seat cover fabric is a piece of Harris Tweed, which is as close as I could get to the Irish shamrock theme in the inlay work on the inside back rail.
Client was delighted with the result, and so am I.


The makeover of this pair of old club chairs (the ugly sisters) was recently commissioned by the generous parents of two gals (the lovely sisters).  However, the sisters have very different personalities, and this is reflected in the choice of fabrics they each chose for their chair. 
Quite a contrast, eh?

Sunday, 1 June 2014



Here are a couple of chairs just finished. Their owner wanted them in matching fabric, and had definite ideas of the layout - so all credit goes to her for the finished design.
She fell instantly in love with this Warwick fabric 'Numerology' when she visited the showroom, and the plain colours co-ordinate beautifully with some of those in Numerology.


This wingy's owner imports gorgeous French cottons and linens, which she sells at the Old Bus Depot Market (Provencal Chic), so French fabrics were the obvious choice for the recovering of her beloved old wingy and stool.  All credit goes to her for the fabric layout.


Orders for the JamberMOO ottos continue… As someone said in the showroom the other day (as she was placing her order) "everyone in Jamberoo needs one of these". Hear-hear!


This dear little chair (please let me know if you know what to call it) was covered in so many layers of shellac it was a very dark brown and all the beautiful inlay work was nearly impossible to see.  Although I do some timber re-finishing, this was way beyond my level of skill so I took it to my special French Polisher a few months ago. This week I got it back and cannot believe the transformation - he says he didn't 'change' the colour, just 'revealed' what was already there. The photos don't do it justice, particularly the green of the shamrocks.
The chair's owner visited today and chose a beautiful piece of Harris Tweed for the seat cover… watch this space for the end result.


Little Pip is not so little anymore… a big one-year old girl on June 2nd.
(shown here checking out the latest ottoman at dispatch…. this one is covered in the funky Flamingo fabric from Sparkk, with leather-like vinyl on top - easy to wipe muddy paw-prints off!)

Sunday, 18 May 2014


here's our latest … definitely the prettiest chair we've ever produced.
It's made from one of our reproduction Featherstone armchair frames (hand built from formed ply by our wizard frame-maker) with a matching footstool. 
The outside back and stool-top is covered in the stunning 'Hydrangea' print from Sparkk fabrics which has been causing jaw-dropping reactions from the folk who have seen it so far.  The inside back, piping and multi-coloured buttons are a hard-wearing commercial upholstery fabric from Warwick.  
We've made a few of these chairs in the past as commissions for nurseries (sometimes as  'Push Presents'), because they are particularly comfortable to sit with a nursing baby… that curved arm and back are just the right shape for holding a littlie. However, of course you don't have to be nursing to enjoy the supreme comfort of this classic Australian chair design - when you've got your feet up on the stool, a good book in your hand and something nice playing in the background, you're never going to want to get up.
This pair is available for sale ($2,250.00) - see our online shop for full details or get in touch to arrange a test-sit in the showroom.
I don't think this particular pair is going to last long.

Friday, 9 May 2014


If you haven't yet bought that very important pressie (not necessarily for Mothers' Day this Sunday) then come and check out our great selection in the Rapt! showroom. 
Here's just some of what we've got on offer:

A range of gorgeous goodies from UTOPIA GOODS just in stock. Bags from $45, and cushions - incl. inserts - from $75.

Fabric Artyfacts (beautiful prints, ready to hang)

Chairs & ottomans (of course)!

Patchy Cushions by Rapt!

And the showroom opening hours this weekend: