Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rapt on Facebook

Well, dear reader, I'm slightly ashamed to admit I've finally gone over to the Dark Side.
Having for years been staunchly disinterested in the whole facebook shebang, I'm now well and truly hooked.

A few weeks ago I set up a facebook business page for Rapt!, and since then have been thoroughly enjoying it and am finding it a tremendously useful marketing and networking tool.
If you haven't seen it yet, please do have a look. You don't have to have a facebook account yourself to look at business sites... even if the site asks you to  log in, you can ignore that.
Simply do a search for the business you want to visit from your normal web browser (e.g.: facebook rapt upholstery)  NOT from within facebook itself.

Unfortunately putting the facebook icon/link on my own homepage has eluded me to date... one of these days I'll figure it out to make it easy, meanwhile here's the link.

Why should you bother, I hear you (non-facebookers) ask?

Well... even if I'm biassed... I do believe it's a great way of sharing audience-specific info. All the stuff I post about will be highly relevant to anyone who is already reading this site, or has similar interests to me. i.e.: fabrics, current home furnishing trends, beautiful upholstery, creative women, furniture restoration, local business.  Whenever I see or read something relevant online I can share it via my facebook page a lot more easily than writing one of these posts, so you'll see and learn a lot more than just my ramblings.

Go on... have a look!

New Shop

Rapt! now has its very own online shop, complete with shopping cart.
Payment is either by Paypal or credit card.
Being brand new, products are still being added but it won't be long before it's fully loaded.
Please go to the SHOP tab at top of this page to have a look, or just click here if you're really lazy (only kidding!).

Monday, 17 September 2012

Rapt! takes Canberra by storm

Our first 'proper' market event yesterday went fantastically well.  It was at the Old Bus Depot Market in Canberra, which I reckon has to be one of the best markets in Australia. 
It's mostly undercover, in an interesting historic building (the old bus depot!) which makes for a much easier experience all round than outdoor markets.

Jam-packed full of interesting stalls, mostly top-end crafts, but also a wide variety of delicious food goodies and home-grown produce. The atmosphere is terrific, with a variety of live music performers going throughout the day, and a very friendly vibe from visitors and stall-holders alike.

Purple wingchair & matching footstool sold
I'm planning on attending monthly, but with the Christmas trading period coming up (very, very busy) I'm not sure which dates in Nov and Dec I'll be attending.  However, I am booked in for October (Sunday 14th) and have taken a double-stall based on yesterday's success - so will have much more on offer. 

Draft dodgers ($12.50ea) sold like hotcakes
New Product - 3 panel room divider ($395.00)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Retrospect-ive Wingchair

Reason for the name of this post?
The fabric used on this latest wingchair is from the RETROSPECT collection by Warwick.

Not only are the colourways fantastic (lovely rich colours), the designs interesting and work well in combination with each other but - being 100% man-made textile (not my usual preference) - it's at the affordable end of the price spectrum.
Best of all though - is that all the fabrics in this collection contain more than 40% recycled plastics!  You definitely would not guess this by the feel, which is sumptuous and tactile.