Friday, 26 June 2015


Just finished restoration of this gorgeous Parker dining suite. Involved full reupholstery (check out the original beige tweed in the 'before' shot top left) using  a few fabrics from Mokum's new Tribal collection, and complete timber refurnishing.
Came up rather well I think!
(It's for sale, and going into the Rapt online shop next week… pending decision by someone who has first dibs).

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Hello again, any loyal 'old' followers! (no offence intended, it's only that if you're still reading then you must've been with me awhile because these posts are few and far between these days. Instagram is now my preferred time-waster oops! 'Social Media Platform').
Here's the latest off the workbench:
a little old Parker Knoll armchair that's been on the books a long time, due in part to my client who was in no hurry to get it back, but also to the fact that when I'm given a flexible deadline I become the Supreme Grand Master of the Universe Procrastinator.
So I'm very glad it's finally finished.
It took a complete rebuild (wonky joints), timber refinished, full reupholstery, custom-made inner-sprung cushion, and covers in screen-printed linen by Cloth fabric.
(I can't take credit for the fabric layout - this was the client's choice).
Best of all? It is now SUPERBLY comfy.