Here at Rapt! we take Quality Control very seriously. 
We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had one of the best QC officers in the industry on our team for many years - Miss Harriet Snupeson. Sadly Miss Snupeson is no longer with us - after a lifetime of unrelenting active service she's gone on to a well-earned retirement.
Here are a few shots from the archives showing Miss Snupeson's highly developed inspection and testing techniques.

We decided that such big shoes would be impossible to fill, and so the role of QCO has for the time being left vacant. 
In its place we created the role of Customer Liaison Officer, because a young candidate - Miss Pip S. Queak showed such outstanding aptitude in this area. So far Miss Queak (Pip for short) has proven herself an excellent recruit and is showing great promise for bigger things in the future.  Here are a few images from her first year's training.