Name: Kate Malfroy
Role:   designer, maker, upholsterer & upcycler.

I've spent the last decades running (with my partner) a wholesale production nursery growing Australian plants. We live in the beautiful Jamberoo Valley on the south coast of NSW (Australia). The nursery is still going strong, but a few years ago I branched in a new career direction… making and restoring upholstered furniture.

I love working with natural fibre fabrics - particularly sourced from small artisan businesses working with sustainably produced fibres. I also get a kick out of rescuing interesting unwanted chairs and turning them into desirable objects . .. and I also get great pleasure reupholstering beloved chairs people bring me from their homes.

One of the other aspects I enjoy about this work is it being the continuation of an ancient trade.  I just love the fact I'm practising a centuries-old craft - using many of the same tools and techniques as they did way back, (with a few exceptions) but otherwise a lot is exactly the same. 

With the proliferation of mass-produced cheap furniture there has been a corresponding decline in the upholstery trade because often it's cheaper to buy a new piece than reupholster an old one. However, I'm finding that there are still plenty of folk who value the quality  and style of older furniture and would rather upcycle than replace with (inferior!) modern pieces.  

Products and Services:
  • reupholstery service
  • chair-repair, including timber finishing 
  • new chairs, stools and ottomans for sale and to order
  • upcycled chairs, stools and ottomans for sale 
  • folding room dividers for sale and to order 
  • home furnishings - cushions & draft excluders
  • home decorating fabric supply

How to arrange a quote 
please contact me via the CONTACT page

How to buy
Please check out my online shop via the SHOP page

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"old upholsterers never die... they simply recover"

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