Sunday, 27 February 2011

First Post!

I've finally joined Blog World.  I'm planning on using this site to promote the work of my new business: Rapt! Upholstery, which does bespoke upholstery (custom repair and recover), upcycled chairs, new stools and ottomans as well as 'upholstery-art' - framed fabric.
I'll start with the most recent projects and build up.  First up: a deep-buttoned retro style hall-stool.

This is the prototype for a new design I'm planning on putting into production.  I do like a firm, narrow stool in a hallway (to plonk on while I'm pulling shoes on or off), beside a phone-table (for obvious reasons) and at foot of my bed. This one's made in a beautiful wool crepe; main colour a limey-green, with fire-engine red buttons (which haven't shown up too well in pics). It's beautifully comfy to sit on and is just the right height I reckon. 

If you'd like to learn the mystery of deep-buttoning, check out this Youtube video: How to Deep Button Upholstery

Thanks for reading my first post and please let me know what you think of the site - I'll love to get your feedback.

The Spool-Stool

Here's another 'first', this time my first 'spool-stool' (so named because its core is an empty electrical spool rescued from tip).

Here's the before...

...and the Afters

It will be going into production this year, and will be available in a wide range of different fabrics, and also leg lengths and seat-sizes.  
I'm currently using this one as my office chair at the computer desk - and it's surprisingly fantastic not to have arms or back - let's me get up and down more easily.  
Also - it's quite firm - so can even be used as a coffee table when we have it in the living room.

70's Style

These Australian-designed Parker dining chairs will no doubt be familiar to other youngsters of my vintage. This was a commissioned job to reupholster (interior stuff), renovate (the timber) and recover. While I'm not a great fan of vinyl, these came up really well, due to the great colour chosen by the client, combined with the classic Parker style. (Parker history)


not the 12, but the 6 chairs

Mabel's stool

This post shows an example of a 'repair and recover' job. The old piano stool belonged to my Aunty Mabel, a great pianist and piano teacher. Don't know exactly how old, but maybe 60 - 80 years (the stool, not Mabel). The upholstery was the original horse-hair and springs - all past its use-by date and rather forlorn.
I'm really pleased with its makeover. The simplicity of the stool I think is well complemented by its gorgeous linen cover (Florence Broadhurst).

Mabel's piano stool Before...

Hot piping!