Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Alice Chair

I recently refurbished the seat and back of this old bentwood rocker which lives in Alice Springs. 


There are many pleasant surprises in this trade... on this job it was the pile of red dust which fell out of the upholstery as I stripped it prior to recovering. I love the idea of that central Australian dirt mingling with the red dirt here at Jamberoo, and adding to all the other dirt which falls out of the various projects which find their way to Bottoms' End for rest and recuperation. When they leave, they leave behind a little piece of their history...
... a sort of history in dirt.

The chair's owner, Charlie, has done a great job refinishing the frame and reassembling. It's all set now for another 50 years or so of serious rocking.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Anthropological Discovery!

 I'm very excited about the just-released fabric collection from Warwick Fabrics.

It's called Anthropology, and has a tribal/ethnic flavour which mingles strong, earthy colours and neutrals on heavy textured cottons in the perfect way to suit interiors with that hard-to-define 'eclectic-world-traveller' furnishing style.

If you'd like to see more, click here's the link to the Warwick site to view the collection.
My first project using Anthropology is underway - a traditional wing chair - which I'm covering in not one but FIVE fabrics from the collection! Not actually patchwork, like these, more 'piece-work'. Only time will tell if it works; I'll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, here's the chair 'Before', taken at start of work a few weeks ago:
(If you're interested in using Anthropology fabrics and would like to see some samples,  there's a small selection here at Rapt!.  Better still, if you can get yourself to one of Warwick's showrooms, you'll see the whole kit and kaboodle.  You can't buy direct from Warwick, but you can through me, and I'm very happy to supply prices as a starting point).

Project report #2

The shed frame and roof were delivered yesterday. Miss Snupeson (QC Officer) was quick to do the inspection, and I'm pleased to report, she gave it her tick lick of approval.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A quickie

a few Before and Afters of a little job just finished. What a beautiful old stool, eh? It had a light timber refinish, and daggy old upholstery replaced with a vintage piece from the Rapt! warehouse.