Monday, 27 March 2017

LOOK - DRAW - PRINT with Julie Paterson

I can't begin to describe how thrilled I am to be hosting Julie Paterson (the woman behind CLOTH fabric) to Jamberoo in July, to run one of her LOOK-DRAW-PRINT workshops.

Julie's been running these workshops around the country for a while now, and anyone who's been following her on social media (she's a keen Instagrammer, like me) knows the amazing results her students unfailingly produce out of these 1 day workshops.

Here's what Julie says of these workshops:
"I believe everyone is born creative, but so many people don't realise this. That's why I've been running what I call 'imperfect workshops' now for a wee while, and I love doing them. LookDrawPrint is a hands-on experience for the creatively curious, where I teach how to embrace chance and imperfection and focus on process.
Creativity becomes a skill, but it starts as an attitude. Everyone creates a prototype design printed on fabric. Every design reflects a reset state of mind."

We've got a great venue in the Jamberoo Youth Hall, situated on the edge of the village oval, right in the heart of Jamberoo.
All details are over in the Rapt! online shop, including registration.
10 spots maximum (several already taken), so don't dillydally if you think this one's for you.

And for anyone who fancies making a weekend-escape out of this, our local luxury countryhouse B&B - Terragong1858 - is offering a terrific discount for workshoppers who book to stay the weekend. Enter the promocode RAPTWORKSHOP2017 into their booking system.
Terragong1858  (2mins drive from workshop venue)

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Hello Cocky!

 Following our last post, today we're putting the spotlight on this Pretty Boy (an Australian Sulphur-crested cockatoo), shown modelling not one, but 2 different ensembles.  He's available for sale either on his own (butt-nekked!), for you to dress as you please, or with either of these shades, or you can commission your own shade in fabric, size and shape of your choice.
All details are over in the online store (, and yes - it is possible to ship him (or any of his other feathered mates) round Australia or the world.

Friday, 17 March 2017

The Cockies Have Landed

These beauties have just flown into the Rapt showroom, all the way from their nest way out in country NSW.

They're lovingly handmade by an artisan family business which has been in the ceramics trade for more than 50years.These are just a few of the considerable range available, which includes flying bird/animal wall-art and non-lamp bird ornaments.  I plan to introduce more of these into stock over time.

I'm selling these table lamps as is - with or without - shades.  Shades can either be bought direct from showroom stock (more being added all the time!) or bespoke to fit clients' own requirements.

All Details are in the Rapt online shop - and yes - shipping is available not only Australia but internationally (just send an enquiry from the online shop page to query shipping price to your location).