Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Balloon-back upcycle

This one is hot off the workbench.  The Before pics show how sad she was when I rescued her (she was headed to the scrapheap). I learnt quite a few things on this project - the first was the 'strength' of upholstery. When I removed the covers, (there were several layers,) the chair partly fell apart - some of the joints were broken but the fabric had been holding it all together.
I learnt how to fix joints (by re-building those tenons and mortices,) and also how to antique-paint.  The cover is from a superb piece of linen I had in my collection, and I also figured out how to do the double-piping (that trim around the edges) for the first time.


This chair is for sale for $350.00 - please see the For Sale page.

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