Monday, 27 June 2011

The Chairy Godmother goes to work

I'm very excited to tell you about my wonderful visit to the Central Coast this weekend, where Country-Kate became the Chairy Godmother.
Why?? I hear you ask... well...
... a cane-framed sofa of my acquaintance needed a makeover. Its webbing was all wong and had wost its wobble, and while the cover was 'ok' the Executive Committee and I decided a total makeover was in order. 
So, while the sofa's owner was away on holidays, with some contrivance and sneaky conniving, I was granted access to the house (along with the Executive Committee, and my Upholstery-Accomplice - Stella), and we did the deed.
The sofa's owner came home from holidays today and was "gob-smacked" and very happy with the new look.

with the Uholstery-Accomplice, Stella

After (spot the bubbles, blown by the U.A)

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