Friday, 12 August 2011

Anthropological Discovery!

 I'm very excited about the just-released fabric collection from Warwick Fabrics.

It's called Anthropology, and has a tribal/ethnic flavour which mingles strong, earthy colours and neutrals on heavy textured cottons in the perfect way to suit interiors with that hard-to-define 'eclectic-world-traveller' furnishing style.

If you'd like to see more, click here's the link to the Warwick site to view the collection.
My first project using Anthropology is underway - a traditional wing chair - which I'm covering in not one but FIVE fabrics from the collection! Not actually patchwork, like these, more 'piece-work'. Only time will tell if it works; I'll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, here's the chair 'Before', taken at start of work a few weeks ago:
(If you're interested in using Anthropology fabrics and would like to see some samples,  there's a small selection here at Rapt!.  Better still, if you can get yourself to one of Warwick's showrooms, you'll see the whole kit and kaboodle.  You can't buy direct from Warwick, but you can through me, and I'm very happy to supply prices as a starting point).

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