Monday, 14 November 2011

RAPT! is up and running!

It's been a busy few weeks moving everything back into the workshop, building racks, shelves, & cork/peg/black-boards, re-organising all the long-stored supplies & furniture, but at long last - we're in.
There's still the outside painting and some landscaping to do before we can say it's actually 'finished' but it's just wonderful to have Bottoms' End officially back in production. 
(Please keep your fingers crossed that we don't have another flood like the last one).

There are 2 sections to the workshed: a 'clean' end for fabric work (centred around the big, light-drenched cutting-table) and a 'dirty' one for wood-working.
Miss Snupeson's role as Project Manager has unfortunately become redundant, but after lengthy negotiation she has agreed to take on the role of Customer Service Manager. Here she is waiting at the door to welcome clients.

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