Saturday, 21 January 2012

cushys galore

the workshop has been busy in commissioned-cushion-making mode:

from lumbar cushions for the Oslo sofa now living at Little Manly,

to 4 big day-bed cushions each with 2 bolsters, destined for 2 beach-shacks down at Era (in the Royal National Park)

to outdoor cushions in light canvas for my wonderful mother-out-law Margaret (with a little handbag made out of the left-overs, just for fun).

Also these, made out of beautiful hand-prined pure linen. 

Fabric designer is Angie Lewin, whose work I love. If you like the design on this fabric, and don't yet know Angie's work, check out this little video, showing her explaining her design process in  her Norfolk (UK) studio:

There are lots of other commissions coming in - which is a great start for the business - but unfortunately all the orphans are feeling neglected and keep asking me "when's it our turn?"

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