Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Butt work-out chair

The subject this time is a little old chair the client calls a nursing chair. Why any woman in her right mind would want to sit on this while holding a baby I've no idea... it's quite a squat to get down to it (hence the post name). However, whatever its name or design-intention, it's a little charmer.  This has been in the client's family for generations, and will one day be passed on to one of the 3 daughters, so it's very special.

The original fabric was a green watered silk, however judging by the gazillions of tacks in the frame, (previous upholsters had left them ALL in,) it has been recovered many times. The client chose this velvet-like pile fabric (from Wortley) because of the colour, along with ochre-coloured buttons, and piping in an orange and green stripe.

The job was bigger than anticipated, (aren't they all?,) because when the upholstery was removed the frame nearly fell apart... so the joints had to be knocked apart and re-glued.  The finish on the legs was pretty cruddy, but I didn't want to over-restore it, so it got a light re-finish which I hope maintains that lovely patina. 

I reckon it's ideal as a shoe-putting on seat, in a hallway (perfect height).

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