Monday, 18 March 2013

New collection

Rapt! is participating for the first time in the annual Burrawang Easter Market (Saturday 30th March) in the beautiful tiny village of Burrawang in the Southern Highlands of NSW.
In honour of this momentous occasion I've designed a whole new range of furniture (Potato Couches ?) inspired by the area's rich-red potato fields.
While most of these pieces are ottomans, (made from scratch, from solid timber frames), there are also some upcycled interesting old stools.
The unifying theme is jute - from the woven upholstery webbing (usually this is hidden inside furniture, rather than on display), to the potato sacks I've used as part of the covers.
Here are a few images - this is just the beginning, so there'll be more to come.

arriving at the farm
In order to source the potato sacks I went to the farm of the Donovan brothers (Trevor and Barry), in the stunningly beautiful area called Wildes Meadow, near Robertson.  Naturally Miss Snupeson accompanied me (well, she IS the Quality Control Officer, so we weren't going to accept any shoddy old sacks, were we?).  Here are a few pics of the journey:
harvest was underway
Gene, the friendly potato man, spared us a few (new) sacks 

heading for home with Miss Snupeson guarding our booty

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