Saturday, 18 May 2013

A Flock of Featherstones

Well maybe "flock" is putting it a bit strong... but it sounds better than "pair".
Referring to 2 newly commissioned Featherstone reproductions just finished.

 This first one is a reproduction of the original Featherstone 51 Wingchair  (referring to year 1951 when it was created). 
The fabric design for this was done by a lovely Wollongong family expecting baby #2 any day now. This will be their nursery chair, because it is seriously comfy for holding a nursing baby in. Truly!
The outside back fabric is a hand-screen printed linen (called "Bird" - as in Bird of Paradise) made by Sydney boutique textile design house cloth fabric.
The inside back, including buttons and piping, are 100% wool. The legs are Victorian Ash - and the chair is designed and made by a small family business in Sydney, making this a wholly 100% Australian ensemble.

The 2nd chair was commissioned by a Canberra family - and the fabrics chosen are from Instyle (another Australian business).  This chair is a repro of the Featherstone R160 .  

It's more curvaceous in form, and has a more reclining design than the Wingchair.  This order included a matching footstool, which completes the whole design and makes for a most amazingly comfortable seating experience.

These 2 designs are available to bespoke order from Rapt!, in fabrics of your choice.  Bespoke prices start from $1,750.00 for the R160.

Rapt! currently has 1 of each pair available - 
$2,230.00 for the R160 chair and matching stool, 
and $2,330.00 for the Wingchair and matching stool.
Please ask for details and photos if interested. 
email: raptups(at)

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