Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Just in... gorgeous new umbrellas!
Why, you ask, would an upholstery and furnishings business be selling brollies?

Well - these are not just any old brollies - they're hand-crafted works of art, showcasing designs from the recent Osborne & Little ENCHANTED GARDEN furnishing fabrics collection.

The 2 designs available in the Rapt! showroom and online store are AVIARY (left) featuring a collection of lovely small birds (budgies, finches, wrens, sunbirds) on a trellis background; 
and DRAGONFLY DANCE (below) a display of gorgeous shimmering dragonflies in teal, lime-green and silver, on a metallic silver background.

Not only do these look good - they're beautifully crafted. The folding mechanism runs like a Rolls Royce; they're fully lined; and all the fittings are impeccably finished.

These are real keepers. The question is: WHO gets to keep them?

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