Thursday, 9 May 2019


and apologies for such a long time between posts.
As I've mentioned before, I'm afraid I've succumbed to the lure of Social Media and have been actively posting all my latest news there - specifically INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK (links over there on right of this page).

For those of you who prefer to read this blog, then the latest news is the introduction of a new workshop format - probably the most requested thing in the history of Rapt - UPHOLSTERY CLUB.

This is an ongoing workshop where students bring their own project, and work individually in a small group (max 4) on Saturday afternoons.

The project must first be approved as suitable - ideally something small and achievable in a few hours (such as a dining chair seat , or footstool for instance) rather than a full-blown 4 seater lounge  (but hey, anything's possible once you've got the basics under your belt! ).

Some of the advantages in being an Upholstery Clubber include:

* access to a fully-professional workshop, including use of a range of tools and machinery out of the cost of most home workshops
* the hourly rate includes all the basic supplies, such as staples, foundation materials, glue, threads, etc.  More expensive supplies such as fabric, foam, Dacron are available to purchase at trade prices
* your project can either be something to start and finish in one workshop session, or for you bring back and forth, while continuing to work on it at home.  You could for instance bring 1 dining chair along, with the aim of finishing the set at home in your own workshop at your own pace
* seeing what other students are learning will increase your own general upholstery knowledge.

Details of UPHOLSTERY CLUB, as well as these other workshops, are in the online shop

Upholstery 1.01 - learn to upholster a small Scandi-style bench, with 2 buttons
Upholstery 1.02 - upholster a bigger 10-buttoned bench, with leg options
Lampshade 1.01 - learn the basics of shademaking by making a new drumshade
Lampshade 1.02 - learn how to makeover your own drum or empire shade
Private Lesson - BYO project of any size - just about any weekday time to suit.

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