Monday, 17 June 2019


Isn't it amazing that here in the southern hemisphere we're officially halfway through winter (the Solstice is just a few days away, on Sunday 22nd June)?

BUT... the coldest months of the year (July & August) are still ahead of us.

Did you know that simple procedures like blocking drafts in our houses can significantly affect interior warmth, and also reduce heating bills? It's true!

And a great, inexpensive way to block drafts is with these Draft Dodgers.

These are made using quality remnant designer fabrics, and filled with clean builders' sand. They're such heavyweights they actually double-up as doorstoppers.

2 sizes available - 80cm for regular doors ($30each or $50 for 2) 
and 90cm for wider doors ($35each or $65 for 2).

(I'm also happy to custom make to your own particular requirements - please contact me for a quote).

A wide range of choices is available in the Jamberoo showroom now - not in the online shop (but I'll happily ship unfilled if you're happy to fill them yourself).

PS:   AND these make the ULTIMATE house-warming gift!!

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